Class 36 of the Nice Classification

Class 36

Financial, monetary and banking services; insurance services; real estate services.

Explanatory Note

Class 36 includes mainly services relating to banking and other financial transactions, financial valuation services, as well as insurance and real estate activities.

This Class includes, in particular:
    • financial transaction and payment services, for example, exchanging money, electronic funds transfer, processing of credit card and debit card payments, issuance of travellers' cheques;
    • financial management and research;
    • financial appraisals, for example, jewellery, art and real estate appraisal, repair costs evaluation;
    • cheque verification;
    • financing and credit services, for example, loans, issuance of credit cards, hire- or lease-purchase financing;
    • crowdfunding;
    • safe deposit services;
    • financial sponsorship;
    • real estate agency services, real estate management, rental of apartments, rent collection;
    • insurance underwriting, actuarial services;
    • brokerage services, for example, securities, insurance and real estate brokerage, brokerage of carbon credits, pawnbrokerage.
This Class does not include, in particular:
    • administration services relating to business transactions and financial records, for example, book-keeping, drawing up of statements of accounts, business and financial auditing, business appraisals, tax preparation and filing services (Cl. 35);
    • sponsorship search, promotion of goods and services through sponsorship of sports events (Cl. 35);
    • cash replenishment of automated teller machines (Cl. 39);
    • freight brokerage, transport brokerage (Cl. 39);
    • quality evaluation of wool and standing timber (Cl. 42).