Class 41 of the Nice Classification

Class 41

Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.

Explanatory Note

Class 41 includes mainly services consisting of all forms of education or training, services having the basic aim of the entertainment, amusement or recreation of people, as well as the presentation of works of visual art or literature to the public for cultural or educational purposes.

This Class includes, in particular:
    • organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes, arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses and symposiums;
    • translation and language interpretation services;
    • publication of books and texts, other than publicity texts;
    • news reporters services, photographic reporting;
    • photography;
    • film direction and production services, other than for advertising films;
    • cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by amusement parks, circuses, zoos, art galleries and museums;
    • sports and fitness training services;
    • training of animals;
    • online gaming services;
    • gambling services, organization of lotteries;
    • ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment, educational and sporting events;
    • certain writing services, for example, screenplay writing, songwriting.
This Class does not include, in particular:
    • organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes (Cl. 35);
    • writing and publication of publicity texts (Cl. 35);
    • news agency services (Cl. 38);
    • radio and television broadcasting (Cl. 38);
    • videoconferencing services (Cl. 38);
    • technical writing (Cl. 42);
    • day-nursery and crèche services (Cl. 43);
    • health spa services (Cl. 44);
    • planning and arranging wedding ceremonies (Cl. 45).