Class 7 of the Nice Classification

Class 7

Machines, machine tools, power-operated tools; motors and engines, except for land vehicles; machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles; agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools; incubators for eggs; automatic vending machines.

Explanatory Note

Class 7 includes mainly machines and machine tools, motors and engines.

This Class includes, in particular:
    • parts of motors and engines of all kinds, for example, starters, mufflers and cylinders for motors and engines of any type;
    • electric cleaning and polishing apparatus, for example, electric shoe polishers, electric machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing and vacuum cleaners;
    • 3D printers;
    • industrial robots;
    • certain special vehicles not for transportation purposes, for example, road sweeping machines, road making machines, bulldozers, snow ploughs, as well as rubber tracks as parts of those vehicles' crawlers.
This Class does not include, in particular:
    • hand tools and implements, hand-operated (Cl. 8);
    • humanoid robots with artificial intelligence, laboratory robots, teaching robots, security surveillance robots (Cl. 9), surgical robots (Cl. 10), robotic cars (Cl. 12), robotic drums (Cl. 15), toy robots (Cl. 28);
    • motors and engines for land vehicles (Cl. 12);
    • treads for vehicles, as well as tyres for all kinds of vehicle wheels (Cl. 12);
    • certain special machines, for example, automated teller machines (Cl. 9), respirators for artificial respiration (Cl. 10), refrigerating apparatus and machines (Cl. 11).